Staff of the NGOs National Bureau

Management and staff of the National Bureau for Non Governmental Organisations

  • (a) Executive director– appointed by the Minister on recommendation of the Board.

ED is the chief executive officer of the Bureau subject to general supervision and control of the Board.

His/her functions are to be responsible for

  1. Day to day operations of the Bureau.
  2. Management of the funds of the Bureau.
  3. Administration and management of the property of the Bureau.
  4. Supervisions and control of the officers of the Bureau.
  5. Keeping a register of registered organizations (NGOs).
  6. Implementing the decisions of the board.
  7. Reporting to the Board on the operations of the bureau.
  8. Certifying documents.


(ii) Secretary of the Bureau

  1. Is the principal legal advisor to the board; and responsible for;-
  2. Arranging business meetings
  3. taking minutes
  4. keeping records of decisions

(iii) Other staff/employees