Buying Gold in Uganda; avoid a scam transaction. Effective due diligence investigation that you should do before wiring that money in a gold purchase transaction.

Are you buying or planning to buy gold in Uganda? There is need for effective due diligence investigation before wiring that money in a gold purchase transaction to avoid scam transactions and loosing your millions of dollars. Preliminary investigation will guide you on whether you are dealing with a genuine gold dealer licensed to deal in gold in uganda; whether the shipping agent has the requisite licenses; whether the relevant documents, licenses, certificates involved in the transactions are genuine or authentic among others.

Majority of the time, buyers consult lawyers for investigations after being scamed and loosing large sums of money. Its highly recomended to do due diligence investigation to avoid being scamed. The law in Uganda Regulates dealing in minerals like gold and a purchase will be caught by the common law rule of “buyer be ware” Thus a buyer should investigate first using publically available information and should as well ask the seller to fully disclose material information in the sellers possession or known to the seller at the time of the transaction. A prospective buyer should investigate the particulars of the seller; whether the seller is a legal person and  has the requisite licenses and certificates among others.

A buyer should have a gold purchase agreement which clearly describes the parties, the shipping agents if any, the obligations of the seller; the the time lines for delivery; recovery of purchase price in case of failure to deliver among others. Given the large sums of money usually involved in the gold purchase transactions, it is always prudent  for a buyer to seek legal representation in the transaction from an Attorney well versed in gold purchase due diligence investigations.