Business Law

Business Law

Businesses of all sizes across all industries share a need for quality professional guidance in navigating legal concerns. Maintaining a competitive edge while balancing innovation, consistency and compliance often requires overcoming legal complications. At Angualia Busiku & Co. Advocates, in Uganda, our business law attorneys understand the everyday challenges businesses face. We provide professional guidance for businesses large and small in a wide range of industries.
Specific types of business matters we handle include:

  1. Complex Commercial Contract Disputes
  2. Corporate Shareholder & Partnership Disputes
  3. Commercial contract negotiation, drafting and review
  4. Entity dissolution disputes
  5. Corporate deadlocks
  6. Operating agreement disputes
  7. Corporate restructuring or purchase disputes
  8. joint venture contracts,
  9. franchising and licensing agreements,
  10. distribution and supply contracts,
  11. employment contracts,
  12. shareholders agreement,
  13. business sale contracts among others.
  14. Fraudulent transfers and piercing-the-corporate-veil issues

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    We monitor Applications at the Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB) and the publications through Uganda Gazette (the Official Gazette) published weekly by the Uganda Printing & Publication Corporation (UPPC). We promptly notify our clients of the publication of potentially conflicting trademarks, and upon instruction, oppose them if authorized by the clients. We actively monitor the electronic and other press for unauthorized uses of client’s trademarks.


    Angualia Daniel

    LL.M (KIU), LL.B (Hons), MUK, PG Dip. LP (LDC)

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