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What is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) in Uganda

What is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) in Uganda? A Non Governmental Organization (NGO) in Uganda is a legally constituted organization that may be a private voluntary grouping of individuals or associations established to provide voluntary services to the community or any part thereof but not for profit or commercial purposes. An NGO must be […]

Investment Licences In Uganda

WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT INVESTING AND INVESTMENT LICENCES IN UGANDA According to the Investment Code Act 1991, Section 15 (1 and 2), Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) shall issue to the applicant an investment license which shall; Authorize the holder of a license to make all arrangements necessary for establishing the business enterprise described in […]

Determine the Value of Your Trademark

HOW DO YOU DETERMINE THE VALUE OF YOUR TRADEMARK? In general, the value of a trademark is based directly on the trademark’s earning power. Where little or no income history is available, however, imagination, common sense and experience may be the best guides to apply in ascertaining a trademark’s value. In addition, studies of the […]


By Ninsiima Irene: Email: ninsiima@lawyers-uganda.com Regional protection of trademarks in African states that are member states to the Banjul Protocol on Marks is achieved through registration of a trademark(s) in a member state (s) through ARIPO secretariat offices or directly through the Intellectual Property Office of the member state. The African Regional Intellectual Property Organisation (ARIPO) […]

Why registration of an NGO may be declined

Why an application for registration of an NGO in Uganda may be declined The Bureau may refuse to register an organization for several reasons among them Where the objectives of the organization as specified in its constitution contravene the law. Where the application doe not comply with registration requirements. Where the applicant has given false […]

Different types of marks which can be registered in Uganda

Different types of marks which can be registered in Uganda A Service mark. This is a trademark that is used for advertisement of services. For example a hotel can register its mark for its services. Businesses use service marks to identify their services and distinguish them from the services of their competitors. A Collective mark. This […]

Why You Should Hire A Trademark Attorney

CONSIDERING TRADEMARK REGISTRATION IN UGANDA? THIS IS WHY YOU SHOULD HIRE A TRADEMARK ATTORNEY Trademark owners who attempt to file and prosecute their own trademark applications work on the believe that by not hiring a trademark attorney, they will save on the attorney fees. From experience, these trademark owners end up spending more money in […]

Trademark registration procedure in Uganda

Trademark registration procedure in Uganda Conduct a Search. A person who intends to apply for the registration of a trademark carries out a search in the trademarks registry to ascertain whether the trademark exists in the register and if not, whether it is suitable, that is, it is not offensive. Advice by the Registrar. A person […]